Training project for banks




Employees and collaborators depending on the theme of the course


This project aims at analyzing some fundamental aspects of the working activities inside banks. Subjects are chosen according to the real needs of participants, who actively take part to the learning process through practical individual and group exercises. The themes of the project are the following:

  • Robbery risk management
  • Learning strategies: memory techniques and process maps
  • Work management & electronic devices
  • Criticism management and positive dispute

Course “Robbery risk management”

  • Define the possible emergency situations inside banks and their relative danger circumstances
  • Learn about the management instruments set by the company in order to face danger situations (emergency plans and procedures)
  • Train to manage stress situations and behave correctly during emergencies, particularly in case of external violence episodes

Course “Learning strategies – Memory techniques and process maps”

  • Learn about your own rhythm and learning process
  • Define the best use of mental maps, which are fundamental in order to organize the information of your own job and elaborate process maps
  • Try to manage and organize in your own mind the information received

Course “Work Management & Electronic Devices”

  • Learn about the best existing applications to manage your own time/work
  • Learn how to manage your own time/work through the choice of the best possible applications
  • Reduce time and place of information management in order to use data in the best possible way
  • Improve the integration between information and interested sectors

Course “Criticism management and positive dispute”

  • Express criticisms in a positive way
  • Learn how to receive criticisms focusing on the objective reasons of our interlocutor
  • Turn a conflict into a dialogue
  • Use conflicts inside companies in a positive way
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