About us

A brief introduction to Studio Gambera & partners
  • About us

    Studio Gambera & partners is a society made of professionals whose aim is to analyze, plan and realize processes of change inside companies. We address ourselves to every kind of company in all sectors. We have the right experience, tools and partners to help companies to reach their objectives.


    Our mission is analyzing, planning and realizing changes inside companies.

  • Objectives

    We believe planning is the key factor for success of every company. That is why we try to transfer to companies planning processes which are based on worldwide recognized international standards in order to improve their productivity and performances. However, since every company has unique features and specific needs, we can adapt this model to the requests of every single society, providing tailor made solutions and respecting the need for change of every organization.

 There are two kinds of companies:

         those that change and those that disappear.